Port and Maritime

Our oceans provide us with the most viable source of heavy transport available. Support from the maintenance industry is needed to ensure that materials arrive and leave our shores efficiently. We offer and support gearing and drive solutions, maintenance, fabrication, and other mechanical services. We have provided services for the South Carolina and Georgia Port Authorities.


"The only thing that stays the same is everything changes", this quote perfectly reflects the industrial world that we live in. As needs and ideas adapt, things must come down to allow for progress. We have the capability to efficiently disassemble and clear structures for new projects. Our experience entails various structures like manufacturing plants, various mill and plant structures, smoke stacks, and other structures that require cutting, torching, and controlled demolition.

Aggregate and Mining

We have serviced and provided new construction for the aggregate and mining industries for years. From material handling and conveying solutions to shaker screens and mechanical drives, we can provide both turnkey and maintenance solutions. Some of the biggest names in the business know and trust our name such as Martin-Marietta, IMERYS, Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company, Foley Materials, and Active Minerals.

Wood and lumber

It's what you live in. It's what you work in. It's what your computer is sitting on. It's wood, and our services keep the mills sawing. From drag chains to welding repairs, we ensure that sawmills and chipmills continue to provide the U.S. and the world with sustainable construction and fueling materials. Our customers include: Georgia Pacific, Battle Lumber, Fulghum Fibres, and several more.

Pulp and paper



Things go up and they come back down. Its simple physics. We have the capabilities to not only put it in the air and keep it there, but bring it back down when its time. We have successfully erected many structures from work platforms and catwalks to towers and rooftops. Our staff of experienced welders, ironworkers, riggers, and operators ensures that structures are built correctly and safely.

We are proud to say that the Pulp and Paper industry provides us with the bulk of our work. We have experience in all aspects of a Paper Mill. From the paper machine to the chemical or fiberline areas, we can provide mechanical services to ensure continous operations. Our experience consists of gearbox/motor changes and alignments, roll changes, chemiwasher servicing, power house repairs and servicing, and other aspects of the mill that involve specialized mechanical and millwright expertise along with onsite welding or offsite fabrication . Our customers include: Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Resolute Forest Products, Caraustar, Glatfelter, Graphic Packaging, and several more.